The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in your garden first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, and instant coffees take all the hard work out of making it as you try to come alive for the day.
My personal favourite instant coffee is Little’s flavoured coffee, which is an especially smooth blend of coffee granules resulting in a superb start to the day or that superb break-time drink. Little’s gently infuse the best Arabica coffee they can source with exciting flavours.
I believe little’s gives the perfect cup of coffee every time.
Instant coffees are ideal for busy people as they are so easy to make, especially when you are only making coffee for yourself. But, making instant coffee is not just as easy as a putting a teaspoon of coffee in a cup and adding boiling water.
There are some tricks to make the best coffee, every time.


Most people don’t do it, but simply by boiling freshly drawn water each time you want to make coffee (or tea for that matter) makes a huge difference to the taste. It helps if you live in an area with soft water, but there is not much you can do if you live in a hard water area, apart from filtering the water to remove some of the unwanted minerals.
Did you know that each time you boil the water, oxygen escapes and the water changes taste? So, always draw off fresh water from the tap, or water-filter, and set it to boil just once. The best coffee taste can be had when you use water that has not quite reached boiling point.


How much is a teaspoon of coffee? While a teaspoon is 5ml in liquid, when measuring solids in a teaspoon you will get a different amount depending on the ingredient. The volume of each substance that can sit on a teaspoon is different depending on its texture. Have you ever noticed that coffee granules can be different in size depending on make of coffee?
So when an instant coffee manufacturer tells you to use a teaspoon, do they mean a heaped teaspoon, a rounded teaspoon or a level teaspoon? Each will offer a different taste.
What you need to do is try them all, until you find a level that is perfect for you, and then use the same teaspoon every time. This is important, because while teaspoons are supposed to hold a standard amount of food, liquid or medicine, they all seem to come in all shapes and sizes too.


Your Coffee Cups and mugs come in all shapes and sizes, which means of course that each one obviously can hold different amounts of water. Just the same as if you use different sizes of teaspoons to measure out your coffee, you will get a different taste depending on how much water you add. Ideally you want to try different cups until you find one that holds the correct amount of water for you to drink.
Then there is the feeling of holding that cup to your lips to be considered. I like a cup that also feels comfortable held in my hands and a medium thickness ceramic mugs. It is entirely a personal choice.
Once you have found your preferred cup for the actual drinking of your favourite instant coffee, you should try to stick to it, simply because once you have perfected the technique of making the absolute perfect tasting coffee, you can ensure that every cup tastes just as good. In this way you can ensure you always make the best cup of instant coffee each and every time.


How to make the perfect coffee using Littles Flavoured coffee.

• Draw fresh cold water from the tap into the kettle.
• Put it on to boil.
• Meanwhile, take a cup or mug and place 1 teaspoon of Littles Coffee inside it.
• Mix a teaspoon of cold coffee with the coffee (see note below)
• Take the kettle off the boil just before it actually boils and switches off.  When it is bubbling it is de-oxygenating and changing the taste.
• Fill the cup with water to desired level with water that is almost boiling, leaving room for the milk if you take it.
• Stir with the spoon to dissolve the coffee.
• Add milk as required.
• Add sugar or sweeteners as required.
• Serve
• Enjoy

Once you have found your perfect combination of water, coffee and cup, the next thing you want to think about is storage.
Every time you buy new coffee jars, you should ideally have a place in your kitchen to keep it. Some people prefer to buy dedication coffee jars or containers. Others just use the coffee directly from the container it arrived in. Everything has its place, and sometimes tall containers are too high for the cupboard or storage unit.
I have found that the littles coffee size of jar fits perfectly to be used, and so it gets re-placed whenever I restock my household coffee supplies.
Once you have perfected your cup of coffee, why not have some Walkers shortbread to enjoy along with it.



It turns out that there’s a scientific explanation behind this. It has been found that adding hot water directly to instant coffee granules causes the amylum contained within the coffee granules to harden, giving off a “powdery” flavour. Mixing the granules with cold water first allows the granules to dissolve more gently, creating a more flavoursome and aromatic cup of your favourite cup of joe.


Espresso Coffee. This recipe was taught to me as a teenager by my step-father.
You do not need an extravagant espresso machine to get a cup of this rich and creamy magic. All you need is your littles coffee, a coffee mug with a spoon. Yes, that’s it. You have to vigorously beat the coffee and granulated sugar mix with a lot of energy to get a whipped coffee-sugar paste. Your rich, creamy and milky Espresso Coffee will be ready in minutes.
With a spoon, start beating the mix vigorously. You have to incorporate as much air as you can into the mix. That will give you the whipped frothy coffee-sugar mix. The more you beat, the more the mix will become pale in colour. Make sure your mix is whipped and creamy enough.
A cup of it over a casual conversation with friends, or while you read your favourite novel, it never fails to relax you. At least for me, it’s rejuvenating.
It’s luxury in a cup! And mind you, this can get mighty addictive.

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