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 Tablet, Fudge & Macaroon

My wee sweet gift ideas…

Welcome to our Wee sweets Gifts Ideas page, the home of inspired ideas… As well as the selection of Scottish fine food, and luxury Scottish Hampers and baskets, we carry a range of Homemade Traditional Scottish confectionery that make great individual gift items, or can be added to a gift basket and hamper to make it extra special.


                   Idea’s . . . .

I go to great lengths to bring you unique Scottish gifts at a low price and constantly have inspired ideas that I put into making you great gifts. I know my job has been done with that smile and twinkle in someone’s eyes when receiving a gift that I created. I constantly experiment with flavours to see what new tablet and fudge flavours I can create.

“Wee” is the Scottish word for small

Browse our range of Traditional Scottish Sweets.

I carry a wide range of Tablet and Fudge to solve the sweet tooth of anyone. My Scottish sweet products are my best selling products with many customers coming back time after time. Most people just want to treat themselves, although they also make unique gifts for that hard to find person. My best selling flavoured Scottish tablet is Scottish produced so you, or your recipient, gets a wee taste of Scotland. These traditional Scottish sweets items can be added to create unique Custom gift baskets and hampers. Great for the Scottish person who has moved away, or if you are a Scottish company that wishes to give clients a wee taste of our great confectionery. Available in Bags, Gift jars, and gift boxes, and can be supplied in your own packaging. It makes great wedding favours.


Handmade Scottish Tablet
PURE LUXURY … For only the best hand-made, home-made tablet, I have a large range of flavours to suit anyone’s tastes. All of my tablet is made in small batches using natural ingredients. I do not use any preservatives or other such chemicals. I recommend eating it fresh. When any type of flavouring is used, I try to use only the real item, or a natural extract. All of my tablet is suitable for Gluten free and vegetation diets.



Scottish Fudge. Scottish Fudge with its melt in your mouth softness. You won't be able to stop at one bite. Available in many flavours. As with my tablet, All of my fudge is suitable for Gluten free and vegetation diets



Traditional Scottish Confectionery. Scottish Macaroon with its thick velvety centre, and chocolate coating with a finish of roasted coconut. You won't be able to stop at one bite.



Pot of Cooking Tablet
How its made
All of my Scottish tablet and fudge is handmade in my own kitchen. It must pass my quality control to make into the package. I keep it as simple as possible with only four ingredients. Sugar, milk, butter, and flavouring. No chemicals are added to make it last longer.


Regular Tablet Jars
Traditional Scottish Confectionery, with a flair. Scottish Tablet and fudge is available in over twenty flavours. Traditional( #1 seller), Salted Caramel (#2 Seller), Raspberry (#4 seller), Raspberry Coconut, Peanut Butter, Sunrise Orange, Strawberry and cream, Mango, Lemonly Lemon, Coconut, Cookie Dough, Caramel, Coffee, Iron Bru, and of course my alcohol flavours. Bucky (#3 seller), Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Irish Cream, and Prosecco flavour. Want a custom made flavour? Give me a few weeks, and I can try to create it for you.


Tablet gift boxes 1

My tablet and fudge comes in a variety of packaging to suit everyone. 140g bags, 200g boxes, and 300g Victorian style jars to 1350g Monster jars, finished with a ribbon. Need wedding favours? I can supply packaging, or even fill your own packaging.