Retro Sweet Jars


Tastes of Yesteryear. What’s your Favourite?



Retro Sweets


A range of retro sweets presented in Victorian style sweet jars. Great old favourites we all remember from yesteryear, but are still loved as much today as they were then.

Jars finished with a white ribbon which can be left off if you are sending this gift jar to a man.


Visit our Sweets ingredients page for ingredient and allergy Information.


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Retro Sweets

ABC Letters – Bag, ABC Letters – Jar, Bumper Bananas – Bag, Bumper Bananas – Jar, Chocolate Limes – Bag, Chocolate Limes – Jar, Dolly Mixtures – Bag, Dolly Mixtures – Jar, Fizzy bottles – Bag, Fizzy bottles – Jar, Jelly Babies – Bag, Jelly Babies – Jar, Jelly Beans – Bag, Jelly Beans – Jar, juicy lips – Bag, juicy lips – Jar, Kala Cubes – Bag, Kala Cubes – Jar, Lemon Bonbons – Bag, Lemon Bonbons – Jar, Liquorice – Bag, Liquorice – Jar, Midget Gums – Bag, Midget Gums – Jar, Mini Pencils – Bag, Mini Pencils – Jar, Raspberry Bon Bons – Bag, Raspberry Bon Bons – Jar, Rhubarb & Custard – Bag, Rhubarb & Custard – Jar, Rosey Apples – Bag, Rosey Apples – Jar, Strawberry & Cream – Bag, Strawberry & Cream – Jar, Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs – Bag, Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs – Jar, Sugar Free Fruit Chews – Bag, Sugar Free Fruit Chews – Jar, Sugar Free Sherbet strawberry – Bag, Sugar Free Sherbet Strawberry – Jar, Toffee Bonbons – bag, Toffee Bonbons – Jar, Wine Gums – Bag, Wine Gums – Jar