Things David Love’s

Welcome to the Things David Love’s page.

This is where I give my opinion on some items, and if its made it onto this page, then its made it into my baskets. Of course not everyone will agree with me and I encourage visitors to my site to leave their own comments. These are in no particular order.

Raspberry CurdMrs Bridges Raspberry Curd.

Mrs Bridges products are definitely a favourite of mine. I love the jars and the old fashioned paper toppers. But, what’s in the jar is even more impressive. In the past, like most people, i stuck with the old favourite, Lemon Curd. But taste this, and you will never go back. It is just soooo good.



Little’s Flavoured Coffee

Chocolate Orange

Quite honestly, I am not one for flavoured coffee. Just give me a plain old cup of coffee. None of those fancy ones, half of them that I can’t even pronounce the names of. But Little’s Chocolate Orange flavoured Coffee is an exception. No sugar or milk needed to spoil the smooth flavour.




So what is the thing that you love? Leave us a comment and we may post it.